Many HSE students, HSE professionals, and other professionals ask differences between IOSH, NEBOSH, NVQ, and OSHA. Many students confused and don’t have clear knowledge about IOSH, NEBOSH, and OSHA, even some HSE professionals who have done NEBOSH and IOSH qualification,  and got the certificate but when someone asks about these body’s they can’t explain. Its a mistake of a tutor who didn’t give information about awarding bodies. I hope this article will clear all doubts and if you are looking for a course it can help you for taking a decision, which course you should do.

IOSH is training and membership Provider NGO of UK, Nebosh is a training provider body from the UK, NVQ is vocational qualification belong to the UK.

OSHA- OSHA is USA government body which makes standard and rules and does audit and inspection and regulates the organization. OSHA courses such as 10 hours and 30 hours are not allowed out of the USA. Here OSHA course does not allow out of USA means DOL (Department of Labor) card of OSHA not issue out of USA.)

Noted – IOSH and Nebosh are not a government body but OSHA is the USA government body, IOSH and Nebosh not making rules, regulations, and standards and OSHA make rules, regulations, and standards.

Course Comparison

Nebosh IOSH NVQ Membership

Level 2


Level 2

NVQ level 2

level 2


Level 3

IOSH G. Cert.

Level 3

NVQ level 3

Level 3

NEBOSH Diploma

Level 6

NVQ level 6

Level 6

Graduate (GRAD IOSH)

Most of the employer now days ask about professional membership, for manager post most of time they ask about Grad IOSH , Grad IOSH membership process is first we need to complete, Nebosh Diploma, NVQ level 6, IDSE level 6 and British safety council diploma level 6 anyone and then we need to apply on IOSH website and once we pay membership fees after that we need to submit our documents and we need to log in CPD. so in starting IOSH may be allotted student membership and then they upgrade as a Graduate membership.


IOSH is UK based professional body, IOSH established in 1945, it’s not- profitable organization, IOSH Awarded NGO status by (ILO), IOSH is the only body which got this status by ILO (International Labor organization).

SATC Morocco is an accredited training center of IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) for Managing Safely; we help and guide to HSE professionals to get IOSH membership from IOSH.

IOSH is one of the biggest health and safety membership provider organizations.  IOSH provides many courses that are regulating by IOSH and training is provided by Authorized Training Provider all over the world.

Note– In UK course or certificate level decide by SCQF, RQF , QAA, Ofqual , CQFW , CCEA etc. IOSH and Nebosh also follow guidelines of specific bodies and take accreditation from any one of body, here it’s the important thing they are given specific level of each qualification according to set criteria .

IOSH some famous course

IOSH MS –  it’s one of the most famous course in all over the world

IOSH General certificate (Level 3) It is equal to Nebosh IGC both are level 3

IOSH working safely

IOSH fire safety etc.


NEBOSH is also UK based charitable trust, it’s founded in 1979. Nebosh is one of the leading HSE qualification provider in all over the world. NEBOSH got Queen’s Award in 2014.

Nebosh does not deliver course itself, Nebosh develops and review syllabuses and make rules and regulation for examination and practical. NEBOSH Authorized training partner run courses. For accreditation of Authorized training partner, NEBOSH has some rules and regulations.

Nebosh is one of very famous qualification in all over the world and many companies ask about NEBOSH IGC certificate, NEBOSH IGC is one of the very famous certificate which is most of the organization ask, they believe if anyone passed NEBOSH IGC means he has level 3 knowledge so he can handle company HSE department. For UK Nebosh general certificate is the most popular course.

After completing NEBOSH IGC the chances of getting a job is high all over the world but especially in GCC countries chances are very high, almost all employers ask this certificate.

After completing the NEBOSH GC / NEBOSH IGC certificate trainee can apply for technical membership.

Some Famous NEBOSH Course


NEBOSH GC / NEBOSH IGC ( Level 3 ) after a successful completion trainee can apply for Tec. IOSH membership on IOSH

NEBOSH International Diploma / NEBOSH Diploma after a successful completion this trainee can apply for  Grad. IOSH membership on IOSH

Process Safety Management etc. many more courses


National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) is a little different than the above qualification, It is work-based awards in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. In this trainee achieve through assessment and training.

In this qualifications trainee shall require to write reflective account where he wants to write 200 words about each question and need to give two evidence of trainee own work . also trainee need to provide one or two witnesses for his or her work

Some Famous NVQ Courses

NVQ Level 3 OHS certificate after a successful completion trainee can apply for Tec. IOSH membership on IOSH ( this is equal to NEBOSH IGC)

NVQ Level 6 Diploma in OHS – after a successful completion this trainee can apply for  Grad. IOSH membership on IOSH ( this is equal to NEBOSH Diploma).

NOTE- I know many HSE professionals who are working as an HSE manager or director post in UK and Gulf countries who have done NVQ level 5, NVQ level 6 is equal to Nebosh Diploma.


OSHA is a government body which is founded in 1970, OSHA main objective is to prevent injury and ill-health in the workplace. OSHA has rules and regulation and for all industries and each activity they made standards.

OSHA has its own training system OSHA training institute (OTI) eduction provide training and OSHA authorized outreach trainer. OSHA 10 hours and 30 hours of course are not allowed to deliver out of the USA . DOL not issue card for out of USA trainee and these rules started from 2010. so whenever if anyone says they provide OSHA training means they are giving information about rules and regulations and they are issuing certificates by any training provider who maybe belongs to the USA but not belong to OSHA.

If anyone wants to do OSHA 10/30 Hours or OSHA 500 trainer course they can go to the USA and can do the course.

I hope this article helps you to understand all qualifications and courses and helps to choose qualifications.