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About Us

SATC” has established with aim and objectives to “Save life & environment” increase good health of occupational professionals, motivate & train to QHSE professionals, employer and employees about QHSE and help them to achieve their individual and organizational target in terms of QHSE .

SATC strongly believe learning is continuous process which start from womb of mother to till death, now days whole world is like global village, “SATC” interconnect and make platform the organizations & QHSE professionals from all over world such as (India, Malaysia, Morocco, Singapore, Azerbaijan, Nigeria and many other countries in Asia , Africa and Europe ). SATC has target to establish training institutes & consultancies , education and research centers in India Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan , Turkmenistan , Russia, Thailand, Brunei ( South east Asia region), Nigeria , Mauritania , Angola , Guinea Conakry , Kenya ( African Region) , France , Spain , Estonia , Germany ( European region) etc.

SATC Malaysia is our main partner and origin , SATC Malaysia is accredited by many government and non government body, SATC Malaysia has been working in field of QHSE training and consultancy More than 15 years in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei , Philippines, Taiwan and Burma etc. . SATC Malaysia all trainers are very experienced and qualified.


Are you looking to enrich your professional profile while keeping your job? Have you identified a training course that meets your needs but it is not available in your area or do you want to avoid returning to the classroom benches? Look no further, distance learning is the ideal solution for you!
The European Training Center is your best partner for distance training in occupational safety sectors.
Whether you are an employee, a student or looking for a job, the European Training Center is a major player in distance learning that offers a program that meets your professional needs and objectives. Make your choice of training to develop your career successfully!

The benefits of distance learning

Online courses are an option accessible to everyone, regardless of your level of education, your age, or your professional situation. Our learning method offers great flexibility, allowing you to follow the courses at your own pace and from any location with an internet connection, depending on your personal and professional availability.

Whether you are in professional retraining, looking for a job, or simply wishing to acquire new skills, our educational team accompanies you throughout your journey to help you achieve your goals.

One of the major advantages of online training is its more affordable cost than face-to-face training. Indeed, distance learning institutions do not bear the same costs as face-to-face institutions, such as premises, equipment, or salaries of teaching staff.

In addition, distance learning avoids the travel and accommodation costs often associated with face-to-face training. You can thus save on transport, catering and accommodation costs by following a distance learning course.

With the European Training Center, there is no geographical barrier to revise. Indeed, correspondence courses allow students to take courses from anywhere, provided they have an Internet connection. This can be particularly advantageous if you live in a remote area, or if the courses available in your area do not match your interests or professional needs.